Priority use of passenger elevators is given to individuals with disabilities. Passenger elevators are located throughout NRG Park.

NRG Stadium
Elevator lobbies are located at the main entrances on the NE, SE, SW and NW corners of NRG Stadium. Each lobby is equipped with two accessible passenger elevators, plus an additional high-capacity passenger elevator in the SE lobby, providing service to all levels of NRG Stadium. Elevator lobbies are also located at the VIP entrances on the east and west sides of NRG Stadium and are equipped with four passenger elevators that service the Suites, Club and Press Box.

NRG Center
There are eight (8) elevators located throughout NRG Center that provide service to the Mezzanine Level.

NRG Arena
There are two platform lifts located at Sections 102 and 104 that are staffed during events to provide service to the accessible seating areas in the Arena. Elevators provide access to the 2nd Floor meeting rooms.

Service Animals: Service/guide animals for ADA guests are welcomed at all NRG Park facilities. If specific accommodations are needed for service animals, please contact guest services prior to your visit at 832-667-1400.

NRG Park is equipped with Aira, a live human-to-human professional assistance service for visual interpreting. To access Aira guests must have access to the Aira app.

Wheelchairs: Wheelchair escorts are provided through Guest Services. Please contact 832-667-1400 for any special assistance needs.

Assisted Listening Devices
Some events are not compatible with assisted listening devices. A driver's license or credit card is required as a security deposit for use of these devices. Guests needing such devices should visit the Guest Services booth and speak with a Guest Services Representative.

  • NRG Stadium: Hearing amplification devices are available and provided complimentary by NRG Park at each Guest Services booth with a minimum one week notice.
  • NRG Center/Arena: Hearing amplification devices are available with a minimum one week notice.

Sign Interpreters: NRG Park will make every effort to provide sign interpreters to guests with hearing disabilities. We request 14 days notice to provide this service to our guests. Please email with any requests or questions.

Concessions and Retail Merchandising Areas: Retail areas, bars and restaurants equipped with 34-inch counters are located at every stand and bar in NRG Park.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures: NRG Park ensures that all staff is properly trained in all emergency preparedness procedures. Designated team members have the primary duty of assisting and directing ADA guests to specific evacuation locations.

Smoking: All NRG Park facilities are smoke-free environments. Designated smoking areas are located outside of each NRG Park facility.

Accessible Drop-off and Pick-Up: For most events, Kroger Gate (see map). For stadium events, “Blue Lot 19” (see map). This is subject to change based on the event.
METRORail guests should exit the rail and enter gate 2 at NRG Park stop off Fannin.

Accessible Parking: Parking spaces for ADA guests are available and located throughout NRG Park on a first-come, first-served basis. Standard ADA parking is as follows (see map):

  • Orange Lot: 6, 8, 10, 13
  • Maroon Lot: 14, 15
  • Red Lot: 3, 4
  • Blue Lot: 19

Companion Restrooms
NRG Stadium

  • Section 100: 101, 112, 113, 117, 120, 121, 132, 133, 136, 140
  • Section 300: 303, 316, 322, 325, 331, 344, 350, 353
  • Section 500: 504, 508, 511, 518, 524, 530, 534, 538, 544, 550

NRG Center

  • Inside halls A, B, C, D and E lobbies

Easy Access: Wheelchair access is available at all NRG Park facilities. Both NRG Stadium and NRG Center have automatic or power-assisted entrances. Disabled accessible turnstiles are also located at all NRG Park facilities.

METRO: METRO offers 100 percent accessibility and also provides paratransit via METROLift. For more information about these services, please call 713-225-0119.

Tickets: Seating designated for ADA guests is available on all levels for all events held at NRG Stadium and NRG Arena. Floor seating will be available as long as comparable seating is available to the general public (at least one full workday after the date ticket sales commence).
Designated seating for ADA guests will be available until such seats are sold out. One companion seat may be purchased for each accessible seat. Limited additional companion seating will be held until the day of the event or until seating is sold out, whichever is sooner.