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NRG Stadium is the only rodeo and NFL indoor/outdoor retractable roof stadium that can be configured to utilize a 125,000 square foot space for general sessions, catered functions, exhibits, concerts, and much more. NRG Stadium sets the perfect stage for exhibits, concerts, and professional or amateur sporting events, and provides incredible club level meeting spaces for general sessions and catered functions. In addition, NRG Stadium offers four massive concourse levels for special events. The design of the stadium roof provides a very flexible rigging configuration for major *audio and visual* presentations. 196 suites complement NRG Stadium.


Floor Plans

Upper Concourse Level

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Club Level

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Field Level

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Service Level

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Floor Specs

NRG Stadium Hospitality Space

NRG stadium floor specs

* Maximum capacities do not include staging, podiums, head tables or other items that take up floor space.

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Floor Events


Club Level and Cantina


Director's Club

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Family Events

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NRG  Stadium


  • Building Square Footage

    Total square footage: 1.9 million sq.ft.

    Playing Field Facts - 97,000 sq. ft. playing surface

  • Seating Capacity


  • Retractable Roof Facts

    Size of roof opening - 500' L x 385' W

    Size of supertruss - 960' L and 50/75' W

    Opening time - 7 minutes

    Construction material - steel with fabric covering

  • Suites

    200 Level - 78 suites

    300 Level - 12 suites

    400 Level - 88 suites

    800 Level - 19 suites

    Total - 197 suites

  • Loading Dock

    One (1) dock, total of 11 dock bays

    Room for 5 TV production trailers and 6 cargo trailers (delivery)

  • Dressing Rooms

    Five Dressing Rooms

  • Press Box

    12 boxes - private

    240 seats at counter tops (Press Box Area)

  • Visual Details

    Seating Bowl

    2 - End Zone Scoreboard displays; each end zone includes:
    1 (2 total) - Video LED Board
    4 (8 total) - Lamp Matrix Displays (4 each end zone)

    1 - 360 Degree LED Fascia Display

    2 - LED Fascia Displays (one each lower end zone)

    2 - Game In Progress Scoreboards (one at each sideline)

    Field lighting array comprised of 480 optically enhanced luminaries with more than 65,000 LEDs

    Concourses and Club Areas

    4 - HD LED Video Boards (one in each Club Area)

    4 - HD Video projection screens (one in each quad)

    Television Distribution

    1,550+ HD LCD Flat Screen TVs in public areas

  • Vertical Transportation

    15 Service Elevators

    2 Freight Elevators (13'3" D x 10' W x 8' H)

    20 Escalators

    4 Public Stairways

    4 Public Ramps

  • Marshalling Area

    20,000 sq.ft.