Concessions and Retail Merchandising Areas
Retail areas, bars and restaurants equipped with 34-inch counters are located at every stand and bar in NRG Park.

Inclusive Signage
NRG Park signage identifying restrooms and other areas is shown in both conventional lettering and numbering and in Braille for individuals with visual impairments all at the appropriate height.

Medically Necessary Items
Medically necessary items including breast pumps, medication, insulin, baby formula, etc. are permitted inside NRG Park, but must be checked during the security screening process on event days.

Dietary Restrictions
Outside food and beverage is not permitted inside NRG Park. However, if a guest has valid dietary restrictions such as food allergies and must bring in outside food & beverage, please email in advance of the event.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures
trained in all emergency preparedness procedures. Designated team members have the primary duty of assisting and directing guests with disabilities to specific evacuation locations.

Family/Companion Restrooms 
Family restrooms are designed for the exclusive use of guests with disabilities and guests with small children. All family restrooms are accessible and equipped with baby changing tables. These restrooms are located throughout NRG Stadium and NRG Center.

NRG Stadium

  • Section 100: 101, 112, 113, 117, 120, 121, 132, 133, 136, 140 
  • Section 300: 303, 316, 322, 325, 331, 344, 350, 353
  • Section 500: 504, 508, 511, 518, 524, 530, 534, 538, 544, 550

NRG Center

  • Inside halls A, B, C, D and E lobbies 

Easy Access
Wheelchair access is available at all NRG Park facilities. Both NRG Stadium and NRG Center have automatic or power-assisted entrances.

To gain access to the stadium enter through our main entrances. All main entrance gates are readily accessible using wheeled equipment.

  • Kroger – NE corner
  • Amegy Bank Gate –SE corner
  • Ford Gate – SW corner 
  • Amegy Bank Gate –SE corner

Clear Bag Policy
Some events may have a clear bag policy in effect. An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at a gate designated for this purpose. Please let our security staff know about medically necessary items before being scanned. More information on specific event bag policy can be found via the event page on our web Calendar, or by emailing