Mobility Assistance
NRG Park has a limited number of wheelchairs available to assist guests. Mobility assistance is provided to transport guests from ticket gates to their seats. Additionally, mobility assistance is available after the event to assist guests back out to the gates. Wheelchair assistance is not available in the parking lots. To request Mobility Assistance on-site, please ask any staff member, or guest services, or text 832-241-0202.

Guests can check their personal wheelchair or other mobility devices during the event at any Guest Experience booth (recommended).

Mobility Devices
Manual and motorized wheelchairs, four-wheeled mobility scooters and other mobility aides that are used as mobility devices for a person with a disability are permitted in NRG Park. Some other power-driven mobility devices (OPDMDs) may be permitted, when used as a mobility device.

Other power-driven mobility devices are considered on a case-by-case basis (depending on safety concerns). If a OPDMD is not allowed for an event someone from the mobility assistance team will assist the guest to/from their seat. Please contact Guest Experience at 832-667-1810 or email with event questions regarding mobility devices prior to your visit.

When allowed, OPDMDs used by Individuals with Disabilities inside NRG Park must follow park rules:

  • Speed not to exceed pedestrian walking speed.
  • Stay to the right at all times – no passing or weaving in and out of pedestrian traffic.
  • Device May not be used on escalators or stadium ramps.
  • Individuals are required to dismount from devices before entering an elevator, when feasible. (Note: Wheelchairs, walkers, etc. are exempt from this requirement.

Authorized personnel, including security, law enforcement, and qualified designated NRG Park staff, may request individuals using a mobility device to provide credible assurance that the device is necessary due to a disability.

Please note that Combustion engine devices and large electric devices like golf carts are not permitted at NRG Park.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures
NRG Park ensures that all staff are properly trained in emergency preparedness procedures. Designated team members have the primary duty of assisting and directing guests to specific evacuation locations. If you have questions regarding information about emergency evacuation procedures and OPDMDs.please contact or visit a Guest Experience Booth.

Please see the Texans accessibility guide or more information regarding the use of OPDMDs, during Texans events.

Please see the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo accessibility guide for use of OPDMDs during HLSR events.