Priority use of passenger elevators is given to individuals with disabilities. Passenger elevators are located throughout NRG Park.

NRG Stadium
Elevator lobbies are located at the main entrances on the NE, SE, SW and NW corners of NRG Stadium. Each lobby is equipped with two accessible passenger elevators, plus an additional high-capacity passenger elevator in the SE lobby, providing service to all levels of NRG Stadium. Elevator lobbies are also located at the VIP entrances on the east and west sides of NRG Stadium and are equipped with four passenger elevators that service the Suites, Club and Press Box.

NRG Center
There are eight (8) elevators located throughout NRG Center that provide service to the Mezzanine Level. 

NRG Arena
There are two platform lifts located at Sections 102 and 104 that are staffed during events to provide service to the accessible seating areas in the Arena. Elevators provide access to the 2nd Floor meeting rooms.